Their the brand new homeworld is actually a criminal property, governed of the warlords and you may wracked by the regular raids away from Weequay pirate rings

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Exterior backlinks [ ]

Ventress is deeply damage because of the loss of their particular newfound loved ones and therefore took so you can drifting the fresh universe searching for an excellent objective, sooner or later embracing bounty hunting, and you can trying to find an excellent measure of victory in the industry. Which work pushed their particular to look at some unforeseen alliances-she rescued Obi-Wan Kenobi regarding the clutches of the previous Sith Lord Maul and you may Savage Opress, who’d recently apprenticed themselves so you’re able to his renegade Sith sis-and you can spent some time working alongside Skywalker’s apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, when Tano is falsely accused out of bombing the fresh Jedi Forehead.

Whenever Ventress are half a dozen years old, in the forty two BBY, Hal’Sted is actually killed while in the a pirate uprising, leaving Ventress-still a young child-orphaned into the attack. She located her master’s muscles and you will grieved over her losings, however, became sidetracked of the coming out-of Ky Narec, a good Jedi Knight who have been stranded to your Rattatak and solved to combat the new pirate risk. As he also was assaulted from the an excellent Weequay, Ventress contacted in the past untapped Force power to place the newest pirate into the heavens and you may across the several home. Taking their unique potential on the Force, Narec got the little one towards the his proper care and made their particular his Jedi Padawan. Unknown to help you their unique at the time, Narec had been the person who killed Hal’Sted, not the newest pirates.

As the a leading-positions administrator on the Separatist army, Ventress following battled into Confederacy with the battlefields of your own galaxy-spanning Clone Conflicts following its beginning. Their own brutality and you may ruthlessness inside competition contrary to the duplicate armies regarding the latest Republic and you will Jedi Order earned their particular a good fearsome profile. Early in the battle, she fought toward side outlines out-of a primary race against the fresh Republic pushes in demand off Jedi Master Tholme. The Confederacy had generally won the new event, however in a final large skirmish, Ventress engaged Tholme when you look at the private combat and easily overloaded this new Jedi, disarming your and you will forcing a give-up. Overlooking Dooku’s command you to definitely she free Tholme’s life, the fresh Dark Acolyte said winnings of the performing your to your battleground. She after produced the new Jedi Master’s lightsaber toward number due to the fact an effective trophy.

Ventress left the rest of the fight in the hands of General Loathsom, who was bought to february for the town and maintain brand new Jedi occupied while she performed the second element of their Masters’ plan: the fresh kidnapping from Rotta, young buck regarding Jabba the Hutt. Ventress journeyed so you can Jabba’s throneworld regarding Tatooine in the good Trident-category violence motorboat and you can hunted on the younger Huttlet. She ambushed Rotta’s sail barge as well as escort skiffs regarding desert, ruining one of many skiffs prior to abducting the barge. That have Rotta during the tow, she fled toward given up B’omarr Buy Monastery on Teth within the Nuts Area, from the leading outlines of one’s war. News away from Rotta’s kidnapping as a result of «renegades» give quickly because the Jabba hired bounty seekers so you can retrieve his kin and achieved out to this new Republic Senate and Jedi Council to have assist in change to possess clear passing by way of Hutt Place. Towards the Teth, Ventress locked Rotta about monastery dungeons prior to getting in touch with Amount Dooku and you can Lord Sidious, just who praised their own works. Dooku asked Ventress to guard the infant but allow unavoidable Republic conserve push to acquire and you may seize your; brand new amount called for video footage of the Jedi into Huttlet so you’re able to hack Jabba for the convinced that the Jedi was in fact about the brand new kidnapping.

She are confronted by frustration and veiled threats regarding her Master, who had been nevertheless toward Tatooine attempting to parley having Jabba. If you’re Dooku reminded their unique of your stakes of its conspiracy, she is actually sidetracked of the arrival out-of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was simply leading new Republic reinforcements. Ventress retreated into the an enthusiastic antechamber about monastery, luring Kenobi on a-one-on-one to battle on dark. Regardless of if she lurked regarding higher are at of monastery having a period of time, Kenobi’s prodding and you will taunting sooner drew their unique down seriously to take part the new Jedi to the a level career. The fresh new duel saw each other combatants enjoy the advantage for some time, however, ultimately Kenobi receive command of your argument when he contributed the latest black-front apprentice so you can good catwalk away from monastery. It absolutely was here that they each other considered from the Push one Skywalker and Tano got fled Teth on Huttlet, signifying her mission’s failure. Even if she made an effort to continue the fresh new assault, Ventress is disarmed of just one away from their own lightsabers and you may compelled to retreat onboard an effective Vulture-class droid starfighter.

Actually lacking the knowledge of the results of the event, Katuunko generated his decision and you can contacted Dooku to refuse his render, claiming one Ventress neglected new regards to its price and you may declined supply Yoda a reasonable strive. The fresh count would not allow it to be Toydaria to fall with the Republic, so purchased his apprentice so you’re able to kill the queen making ways to have a professional-Separatist monarch. She nearly succeeded on the task, however, their lightsaber blades was in fact stopped middle-hit by Grasp Yoda’s telekinetic input. Brand new Jedi threw Ventress back and taunted her Push prowess, taking on their lightsabers from her and you will suggesting give-up. Yoda welcome their particular when deciding to take their own guns straight back, however, Ventress refused stop and you may as an alternative detonated bombs she got planted close Katuunko’s starship with the ridge a lot more than. The newest explosion and you will shedding rubble distracted brand new Jedi and his clones, providing the dark-front side apprentice an opportunity to escape on board their unique Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop. Dooku is actually upset in his assassin and you will setup an effective grudge facing Katuunko in the light of one’s mission’s failure.

Subsequent battles [ ]

«Dooku. He deceived me.»»I am aware. I’d wished might find your way so you’re able to united states at some point.» ?Ventress and you can Mom Talzin

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